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  1. Pim y Pon 1990 Presneted at ¨Decouvertes¨ Paris Grand Palais

    Pim y Pon 1990

    Presneted at ¨Decouvertes¨ Paris Grand Palais

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      Pim y Pon 1990

      Presneted at ¨Decouvertes¨ Paris Grand Palais

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      Push 1990

      Expuesta en Tolosa Feria de Arte en 1990

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      summer 1989 at Arteleku´s Donosti.

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      1990 Summer at Arteleku, San Sebastian - Winter at Sat Martins College of Art & Design London.

      Materials: drawings inside from comic cosmic universe in the form of gold sticker´s etc + nylon thread + swimming glasses + tube + blue acetate.

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      spring 1989: Collective show at bbk Elkano Gallery.

      materials: blue pantone adhesive+heart form mould for cakes+nylon thread+ plastic+ little model´s people inside the wheel.

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      winter 1989. Materials: my face cream glass botle with plastic little girs jewelry inside+ bombom mould as cup+ aluminium+mecano structure with biscuit´s box with dots drawing in crayon

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      1989 Bizkaiko Artea competition at Bilbao.

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      sin título 1991

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      Joe 1990 London

      Materials: women nylon tights + internal structure made out of policarbonate with purple printing of 50¨italina designers

    Here in this section are some of the artefacts and experiments I made in the years 1989 and 1991. While I was living in between Bilbao, London And Donosti (Arteleku).

    Soon I claimed for materials that belong to a female world, claiming for my own and female-sculpture language as being a woman and an artist.