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    •  LE Module 0.01 : Research & Production.
    • International Art´s competition award for production 2007 and Final Show at Montehermoso Palace Museum, Vitoria, Spain in May-June 2008.
      • Miren Arenzana © 2007-2008 Marseille & Bilbao.

      The starting idea is to take an art concept like painting and making sculpture and transfor this through adding a fonction, so to bring it into another discipline form like design.

      Painting with light and building up new forms with modular soft geometrical pieces. The user can play up with them to built the forms also to paint the space with them.

      DESCRIPTION:                                                            Interactive Light Installation using Leah Buechley MIT media lab arduino´s textile´s electronics.

      30 modular silicon crystal pieces that change color behaviour, light, rhythm and intensity depending of their movement and spatial situation.

        Thanks to COLLABORATIONS:                                                 Electronics-Scott Fitzgerald http://www.ennuigo.com                      Silicon Moulds-Boris Nordmann