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      Narata Design Shop


    I am presenting here the work developed in NETHERLANDS during 2016 at EKWC.

    How to produce CONCEPTUAL LIGHTING.

    Functionality serving as a bridge in between two disciplines.                How from one simple geometrical shape (form and mould) is possible to produce different variations, multiples form permutations.

    The other challenge comes from the nature of the material itself; how to obtain straight geometrical planes/forms in thin porcelain. This goes against the changeability quality of PORCELAIN, that works against through all the production process, since porcelain is a material that remembers its original form when being clay and has the tendency to bend, break etc.

    It is precisely this quality the one I have used for obtaining  multiple permutations, though the making procesess; because it is through breaking at manipulation how each porcelain piece have choosen its final form.

    EKWC Presentation June 2016 and at Narata-Bilbao Oct-Nov 2016.