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    Une robe pour sortir à l’aise dans la grande ville. Londres ; temps moyen pour se rendre d’un lieu à un autre :
    1h15. Il se fait tard mais je ne veux pas prendre le métro. Qu’à cela ne tienne, je dormirais confortablement dans ma robe. Cette robe se transforme à la demande en sac de couchage.

    Cut it and wear it, it is a dress for any size people. AN ALTERNATIVE for extreme capitalism and consumption and intelligent textil that heats in winter and cools in summer. An only dress + ecological.

    An only dress and sleeping alternative for the homeless.

    This is the answer to a brief: to make a disposable artefact that can be show in a catwalk : My answer is a dress that is made out of intelligent textiles that heats in winter to keep us worm and refresh in summer to keep us light, an only dress that can be for any size of man/woman. Also an answer for homeless as it serves to sleep on. It can have feathers on his back so to make a comfortable back to lie down, and enough material in the front to covers us well.


    Thanks to Cebas Vivanco